Client Testimonials

"When negotiating a lease for a downtown community property, we engaged Hazem's services to guide us through the negotiation process. His great advice and diligent work helped us negotiate a fair lease, which protected the interests of our community, and won the respect of the property owner as well."

Author Mayar Abbasi, Validation Engineer at Alstom Transport

"I have sought Mr Mehrez services on a couple of thorny and delicate issues requiring prompt legal input. Mr Mehrez provided to me sound advices compounded with a professional and reliable service that have ultimately led to positive outcomes."

Author Fakhredine Shadman, General Manager, Head France and Benelux Cluster Novartis Vaccines

"He was able to analyse the situation and provide recommendations on how best to proceed. His legal expertise is matched by his compassion and his ability to treat complicated matters with skilful tact. I am very happy with the results and would not hesitate to call upon his services again, should the need arise. Case closed!"

Author Tamer Kamal, Marketing Manager at ThinkTel Communications

"Me Mehrez represented me in a case of a debt repayment involving family and did so with skill and professionalism. He conducted valuable and pertinent research and his arguments were solid. He was straightforward with his fees and did not cause us to incur unnecessary expenses while preparing towards and during the trial."

Author Terese Ricciardi

"I recently approached Hazem for legal advice regarding immigration matters for my family. It was very clear to me that Hazem is very knowledgeable on the topic with significant experience dealing with clients. I felt confident and comfortable with his advice and recommendations."

Author Nura Askar, Manager, Commercial Strategy & Transformation at Bombardier Aerospace